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Recent Reviews:

Lori writes, "We had the pickled eggs (with the red beets) and they were outstanding! They're certified organic free range eggs (from about 10 different breeds of hens) and they grow the beets, too. We enjoyed the size of the eggs because you could just pop them in your mouth or cut them up and put them in a salad. Delicious!! You can get them at the Boothbay Farmers Market….."

Amity writes, "Very happy with my purchase of heritage organic pork from your farm. Yesterday's Easter meal was a home run. Simply the best ham I have ever eaten and my guests agreed. Soup simmering now from the bone. Thank you!!!”

Ron writes, "Great products, great people to deal with. Pork product are excellent.'never tasted better.”

Judy writes, "This is a local farm in Alna , Maine run by a lady who is a hard worker, She raises organic pigs,, grows her own vegetables, makes jams, preserves, canned veggies and raises chickens. I have known her a long time she is honest , nice young lady. She also does farmers market in Boothbay Center on Thursday; if you like home made that's the place to go.”

Darcie writes, "Started out my morning eating pan fried Old Narrow Gauge Farm pork sausage with a summer squash and cheese omelet, 2 pieces of toast with butter, one with your Strawberry preserves and the other with the Rhubarb Jam. For dinner we had your pork chops on the grill like you suggested and potatoes on the grill cooked in foil with your Sweet Onion relish. Everything was delicious and I think I'm done with supermarket pork!”

Old Narrow Gauge Farm, P.O. Box 3, Alna, ME 04535,  Phone: 207-350-1650 or 207-837-8510,